CSP is a strategic ally that successfully increases sales, is efficient when entering new markets and ensures the loyalty of its customers.


Our experience, broad response capabilities, increased access to markets and the solid support from our clients prove our productivity and efficiency in the field.


Our Customer Retention, Loyalty and Win-back strategies allow us to offer solutions for any scenario. We invite you to review the services we have designed for your company.

Customer service

General Information: General or specific information about the company (e.g. location, prices, support for providers, statements/invoices, etc.)

Claims Support: Claims reception and registration. Online solution or referral. Improves the response times and allows the logging of common errors.

Sales and Telemarketing

Sales Campaigns: Mass inbound marketing - Simultaneous reception of a high volume of calls. This allows to efficiently meet the demand for products and / or services.

Telemarketing: Mass outbound marketing – Carrying out large numbers of simultaneous calls to offer products and / or services. It covers the entire database provided by the client or developed by CSP.

Visiting schedules: Presale of a product and / or service. If the customer is interested, we schedule the visit of a representative.

Updating / Upgrading Database: Adding new information or customers background to the company’s database.

Custom Solutions for Your Business

Personalized Assistance: CSP will help your company enhance and improve the relationship with your customers. By using either remote or telephone support you will be able to efficiently assist your customers inquiries, deliver information, etc.

Retention / Loyalty / Customer Win-back : Manage customer retention, reduce customer attrition rate, offering alternatives in the case of a request to stop services. Proactively secure the customer’s loyalty through marketing campaigns to show the client how important they are and that the company cares for them.

Social Media Management: When traditional channels fail, customers seek other means to file their claims or give opinions about other customers. Such claims must be managed appropriately and CSP works to transform these conversations into transactions.

Surveys / Market Research: Conducting market research surveys and data collection. It is also used as a tool to identify problems with products / services as well as the level of customer satisfaction, among other objectives.